6 February 2012

On this day I turn twenty years-old.

I have no idea how to feel because I feel completely the same. I’m currently wondering if I’m going to start questioning the clothes I wore just a year ago. Still dressed up in this really awesome gypsy-hippie skirt which I got for cheap at Forever 21. Today was above-average awesome for the following reasons.

  1. My dear friend, Eri, gave me a hand-made birthday card which I totally did not expect. I ❤ you so much for that, dear! 😀
  2. I paid for absolutely nothing today (Lunch was on Patrick, which was a Zark’s Jawbreaker split between my good friends, Angie and Olivia, and I; dessert was on Angie, which was awesome strawberry juice pop ice cream; more dessert was on the wonderful Quincy Kang who got me a box of brownies which I shared up at the Malate office with people; even more dessert was on Remil who indulged me with milk and cookies and cartoons; and by dinner I wasn’t hungry so haha).
  3. My elective class which I totally don’t do much for is going smoothly because apparently my group is the only one with a decent research paper topic. Awwyeah.
  4. Pixie Stix frenzy.
  5. A zillion and one greetings from people who remembered my birthday/heard about it from other people WITHOUT facebook displaying my birthday. Hurrah for people who actually remember (and a little hurrah for those who picked up on the bandwagon).
  6. I came home to new clothes. New clothes always make my day auto above-average awesome.
  7. Vaginas. Cunts. Vaginas.

It’s too dark for me to take webcam photos of all the cool shit I got, but regardless I’ll probably share the swag to you all. By the by, I’m drinking till the drunk this coming Wednesday @ The Collective, Makati. If anyone wants some free boozing just lemme know! 😀 (Shameless birthday celebration plugging/invite)




I’m sick of indie/hipster music

I had a realization the other day. While I was listening to the radio this song came up and I liked it a lot so I ended up looking for it again on youtube the moment I got home. Listened to it again before noticing the related videos were a bunch of obscure bands with obscure song titles and pretty neat album/EP coverart. I’m totally thinking, “Meh. I like indie music and it’s been a while since I went song/artist exploring.” so I decide to listen to a bunch of those related videos/songs.

Half an hour later I’m completely sick of it and I can’t listen to a song for more than half-way through before going alt+F4. I now pretty much understand what one of my friend’s mean when he says “Indie music sucks”. I don’t think it sucks that bad but I swear after listening to shit like that in consecutive I end up getting all “eeeehhhhh” and I boot-up iTunes to start playing me something that doesn’t sound like folk pop/techno synth with sickly boy vocals/awkward girl singing over a piano/songs about random shit or really really mundane things.

Right now I’m currently on this fix of listening to songs from Cowboy Bebop, this particular Rookie playlist, and these two songs in between random intervals:

(George Harrison will forever be Father Beardmas/The god of beard.)


On an ending note, I don’t know how I feel about Keanu Reeves playing Spike for the live action Cowboy Beboy movie. I’m leaning towards an annoyed “eehh” sound though.


browser fail

I haven’t been able to make comments on blogspot posts. I am annoyed.

You guys have no idea how much I want to comment on your shit. Especially your shit, Raph Uy, you’re hilarious. Seriously.

Murr. Going to contemplate on making a blogspot now and possibly doing academic blog posts about power and globalization.


Oh hey, guys. So I cut my TREDFOR class today and apparently this is my assigned. I need to interview 10 bros (five of each gender) and ask them these two questions:

1) Dating or Courtship? Why?

2) Is it ok for a girl to court a guy? Yes or No? Why?

Clearly, I am too lazy to ask you all in-person at this point in time. Regardless, can any of you guys leave some comments below with your opinion-answers to the aforementioned? Merci.

list of things about today: 25 january 2012

  1. Got to school early to help friends with a video-audio-lalala class.
  2. Recited poems (one poem to the point of loose memorization).
  3. Interviewed applicants.
  4. Ate the poorman’s McGangBang
  5. apparently had a bad hair day
  6. dressed-up nice enough for my mum to decide she needed to take a picture of me
  7. held general exam as part of my duties as art editor
  8. drained phone battery by abusing the stopwatch feature
  9. ran up and down the same hall
  10. danced to obscure music
  11. had a good time at the general exam
  12. ate a terrible burrito wrap at 7-11
  13. drank a slurpee after i-forget-how-long
  14. listened to shower epiphany story
  15. found out I’m ticklish around my knees
  16. re-affirmed that my friends are lovely beautiful people
  17. re-affirmed that I sincerely love my family
  18. re-affirmed that it is hard to be intimate again with certain person
  19. noticed Sam’s new Vans shoes
  20. got groped
  21. realized how poetic and movie-esque my life can be
  22. figured that certain things were better off said in-person
  23. hugged people in the sense that I know I have my back watched and that I am loved
  24. felt a bit scared for things to come
  25. decided to fuck-it because I remembered I’m worth it
  26. still can’t find decent earphones
  27. tired from work but still have work to do
  28. figured I should work with my academics but I still have no interest right now
  29. had a decent burrito waiting for me at home
  30. probably gained one pound today

Look at Some Cool Artworks Monday: Erin McCarty

Erin McCarty.

If there’s one artist I am in love with for the use of acrylics, colour, and macabre-looking shit it’s her. I got introduced to her work almost two years ago by a friend of mine who said my works reminded me of Erin McCarty’s. Naturally I was intrigued by this so I had to look her up. When I saw her works, my jaw pretty much dropped and there is no way I can say that my own artworks resemble hers, not in the slightest. If my works were like hers I would weep and probably try to make a living out of them.


*le sigh* *swoon* *ho hum*


more works @ flickr

Turning water into cool aid

It’s Sunday, so here’s some spoken word poetry for you all.

I only came across George Watsky for the title of his poems. Seeing the title of the above poem made it impossible for me not to click and listen. He’s got the generic/usual tone that slam poets usually have when they recite their poems. Starts off all casual, builds momentum, burns up real fast and pow! before finally falling back down and ending poem in slow. cut. phrases. Despite that though, the content is funny and is good for soul cleaning so enjoy.

This is also for Angie, who’s cool like Jesus. ❤