Whilst working on my thesis

I’ve been very sluggish about my thesis as of late. I’m currently spending my break time in the Malate office doing work/overhearing interesting conversations.

For those who don’t know, my thesis topic is pretty sweet. It focuses on the relationship of protest art and counter-hegemonic culture. Counter-hegemonic culture in simple terms is culture that is against the current societal norms. For an example let’s say that predominant society knows and understands that swans are evil and vile creatures although they really are. The counter-hegemonic culture to that would be something that says that swans are beautiful creatures which symbolize purity and shit like that which is bullshit because swans are really, really evil.

Anyway, so as of late I’ve been looking up images online for protest art ranging from Bolshevik campaign posters to anti-war street art. I’m currently at this process of just saving pictures and hoping to get a huge bulk-load of protest artworks. Afterwards it’s just a matter of analysis using Antonio Gramsci’s Theory of Culture Hegemony. If you have no idea what the what that shit is I suggest you check out my babble on the other mushroomcloudsoup blog.

Right-o. So I stumbled upon this video again:

I totally can’t use this awesome sauce for my thesis but I just wanted to share despite my feeling that a lot of people probably have seen this before. Blu is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

In other news I had flan yesterday. It was pretty sweet. I have no idea if that pun was intended or not. Oh well.



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