6 February 2012

On this day I turn twenty years-old.

I have no idea how to feel because I feel completely the same. I’m currently wondering if I’m going to start questioning the clothes I wore just a year ago. Still dressed up in this really awesome gypsy-hippie skirt which I got for cheap at Forever 21. Today was above-average awesome for the following reasons.

  1. My dear friend, Eri, gave me a hand-made birthday card which I totally did not expect. I ❤ you so much for that, dear! 😀
  2. I paid for absolutely nothing today (Lunch was on Patrick, which was a Zark’s Jawbreaker split between my good friends, Angie and Olivia, and I; dessert was on Angie, which was awesome strawberry juice pop ice cream; more dessert was on the wonderful Quincy Kang who got me a box of brownies which I shared up at the Malate office with people; even more dessert was on Remil who indulged me with milk and cookies and cartoons; and by dinner I wasn’t hungry so haha).
  3. My elective class which I totally don’t do much for is going smoothly because apparently my group is the only one with a decent research paper topic. Awwyeah.
  4. Pixie Stix frenzy.
  5. A zillion and one greetings from people who remembered my birthday/heard about it from other people WITHOUT facebook displaying my birthday. Hurrah for people who actually remember (and a little hurrah for those who picked up on the bandwagon).
  6. I came home to new clothes. New clothes always make my day auto above-average awesome.
  7. Vaginas. Cunts. Vaginas.

It’s too dark for me to take webcam photos of all the cool shit I got, but regardless I’ll probably share the swag to you all. By the by, I’m drinking till the drunk this coming Wednesday @ The Collective, Makati. If anyone wants some free boozing just lemme know! 😀 (Shameless birthday celebration plugging/invite)




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