I’m sick of indie/hipster music

I had a realization the other day. While I was listening to the radio this song came up and I liked it a lot so I ended up looking for it again on youtube the moment I got home. Listened to it again before noticing the related videos were a bunch of obscure bands with obscure song titles and pretty neat album/EP coverart. I’m totally thinking, “Meh. I like indie music and it’s been a while since I went song/artist exploring.” so I decide to listen to a bunch of those related videos/songs.

Half an hour later I’m completely sick of it and I can’t listen to a song for more than half-way through before going alt+F4. I now pretty much understand what one of my friend’s mean when he says “Indie music sucks”. I don’t think it sucks that bad but I swear after listening to shit like that in consecutive I end up getting all “eeeehhhhh” and I boot-up iTunes to start playing me something that doesn’t sound like folk pop/techno synth with sickly boy vocals/awkward girl singing over a piano/songs about random shit or really really mundane things.

Right now I’m currently on this fix of listening to songs from Cowboy Bebop, this particular Rookie playlist, and these two songs in between random intervals:

(George Harrison will forever be Father Beardmas/The god of beard.)


On an ending note, I don’t know how I feel about Keanu Reeves playing Spike for the live action Cowboy Beboy movie. I’m leaning towards an annoyed “eehh” sound though.



6 thoughts on “I’m sick of indie/hipster music

    • I honestly don’t like picturing it now. It’s either they give Keanu a realistic version of Spike’s hairdo (which I think would look terrible on him) OR they scrap Spike’s infamous hair (which I think would suck so bad), either way, I’m all “eeehhhh” now. :\

  1. *reads title*
    Angie: Oh. That’s cool.
    Inside Angie’s mind: FUCK YES.

    Also, I think the Keanu Reeves thing could work. Aesthetically, the best realistic Spike I’ve ever seen is on a man who looks like Keanu Reeves actually (I’ll go look for the picture and get back to you). I think it’s a bit early to pass judgement.
    Like how Anne Hathaway as the new Catwoman could potentially be not bad regardless of what anyone thinks.

    : D

    • HAHAHAHAHA. I’m still not listening to Air Supply though and generally what I’m resorting to may still sound like hipster music to a lot of people. Meh.

      Fine. I usually trust your judgement but I have this “Keanu” problem ever since Constantine. But yeah, I’ll give it time. If the trailer makes him look good all shall be forgiven between Mr. Reeves and I. Lawl.

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