Oh hey, guys. So I cut my TREDFOR class today and apparently this is my assigned. I need to interview 10 bros (five of each gender) and ask them these two questions:

1) Dating or Courtship? Why?

2) Is it ok for a girl to court a guy? Yes or No? Why?

Clearly, I am too lazy to ask you all in-person at this point in time. Regardless, can any of you guys leave some comments below with your opinion-answers to the aforementioned? Merci.


7 thoughts on “TREDFOR HOMEWORK

  1. 1. Dating because you get to know the person better and both of you could get intimate with each other even for a brief time. (I’ve never been on a REAL date before…why am I saying this???)

    2. Yes, since girls should not wait for boys to court them. They should learn how to find love and never base their actions on stereotype.

  2. 1. I didn’t actually know there was a difference between the two! omg. XD After some reading and such, I think I’m going with dating because it’s easier to transition into. Like, you don’t have to commit right then and there as compared to courting somebody. But the two are a process, right? In a sense that they come one after the other… Anyway. Dating. (Not that I’ve done either irl but okay. :3)

    2. I think it’s okay for girls to court guys nowadays mainly because everyone has escalated to a new level of unreasonable “torpe”. If a person likes someone and knows them enough to court them, sure. Why not? 😀

  3. 1. Courting. A lot of people don’t understand the concept of true courting these days. I’ll explain here: Courting is different from dating as one individual spends time with his/her partner’s family and not separate from. Courting is a practice of commitment and gives much more leeway as to figure out the way someone interacts with others, the way someone becomes selfless for others and the openness of discussion of the future free from insecurity.

    I think dating has really made the youth of today shallow.

    2. Of course. Courting is, after all, a two handed process. A lady should not have to fear investing her time and effort on someone she finds worthy of such.

  4. 1. Dating. The thing about courting is that it could be putting on a show to an extent, since the “courter” KNOWS that they have to put their best foot forward. One must impress, after all. It could be a little too one-sided, where one party get to share more than the other or that one party knows more than the other. One can dominate the other in courting.
    Whereas in dating, both parties are on equal ground, and nobody is in a “power position”. They both are free to get to know each other at their own pace, and there’s less restriction.

    2. Why not? If that’s the girl’s style, then go. Diff’rent strokes for diff’rent folks, I say.

  5. 1. In all honesty, I don’t quite see the point of differentiating because when you start going out with someone, you’re bound to do both. I mean. Wing it! The heck. Just have fun. Take what life offers you. If the family approves then great, life goes on. If it doesn’t, then great life goes on. It doesn’t matter. What matters – to me anyway – is that there is this person and that’s all there is to it. I won’t bother going into the “LOVE” thing because no one really knows what it is in general. Drop the terms and explore. Make your own kind of love.

    2. Whoever said it wasn’t okay for girls to make the moves one the guy first? We’re all just people. So yes. Women shouldn’t bother what the -isms and -ists say. If you like someone, go out with them. Have fun. Life’s too short.

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