list of things about today: 25 january 2012

  1. Got to school early to help friends with a video-audio-lalala class.
  2. Recited poems (one poem to the point of loose memorization).
  3. Interviewed applicants.
  4. Ate the poorman’s McGangBang
  5. apparently had a bad hair day
  6. dressed-up nice enough for my mum to decide she needed to take a picture of me
  7. held general exam as part of my duties as art editor
  8. drained phone battery by abusing the stopwatch feature
  9. ran up and down the same hall
  10. danced to obscure music
  11. had a good time at the general exam
  12. ate a terrible burrito wrap at 7-11
  13. drank a slurpee after i-forget-how-long
  14. listened to shower epiphany story
  15. found out I’m ticklish around my knees
  16. re-affirmed that my friends are lovely beautiful people
  17. re-affirmed that I sincerely love my family
  18. re-affirmed that it is hard to be intimate again with certain person
  19. noticed Sam’s new Vans shoes
  20. got groped
  21. realized how poetic and movie-esque my life can be
  22. figured that certain things were better off said in-person
  23. hugged people in the sense that I know I have my back watched and that I am loved
  24. felt a bit scared for things to come
  25. decided to fuck-it because I remembered I’m worth it
  26. still can’t find decent earphones
  27. tired from work but still have work to do
  28. figured I should work with my academics but I still have no interest right now
  29. had a decent burrito waiting for me at home
  30. probably gained one pound today

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