20 January 2012

This is a poorly scanned comic…and actually the first comic finished comic I’ve drawn in yeaaaars. I honestly never had the patience/wit/motivation to finish drawing comics, let alone make one. I often get too lazy because I always see it as a process of drawing several little artworks within these little panels and coming up with some story. I really suck at making comics but I tried last night because I felt really guilty for ditching my friends yesterday and because I’m really fuckin’ scared that someone I consider to be one of my closest/best friends may be pissed off at me. Friends pissed at you for something really stupid and totally your fault? Not cool, bro.

The left side panels are scanned poorly and my handwriting is atrocious but I just wanted to share to you all that I was capable of creating a comic in less than a day. I feel less bummed but still am pretty bummed about the whole scenario.

Fun fact: I made this at the pack of my thesis proposal.

Lessons from my experience yesterday? Never leave two entities who like each other alone in a condo together and expect them to leave that place within half an hour. It’ll always fucking extend. Best solution? Level up will power and/or don’t go to a condo when you know you’ve made other plans that you should follow-through.


EDIT: Apparently all of this happened on the 20th of January, not the 19th. Failure is now my middle name for the moment.


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