list list list list list

Taking cues from Angie again (by the way, if you don’t check her out already you really should just for the randomosity of posts). If she has her French-English alliteration topic lists for the week, I give thee my fdgfsdjhfvdgfjdfsgjf daily topic list. I will most likely not commit to doing a complete week all the goddamn time (because I’m lazy and I procrastinate and I school and friends take up my time in a lovely way. However, I will make it a habit to at least do two days within a week. Making realistic goals for myself, people. It’s quite gnarly. *nod nod*

Sooooo here’s my weekly topic of the day list!

Look at Some Cool Artworks Monday

Going to be sharing some artworks which make me jizz and/or cry at it’s awesome. That or shameless self-promoting something I did myself. Either way, it sounds cool, yeah?

Dapper Tuesday

I used to do this back on my tumblr account but I lost intiative and got bored. So here’s me re-booting it up on Mushroom Cloud Soup! Dapper Tuesday is my gratuitous picture sharing of a celebrity/artist/man/lady/animal being all dapper. If you don’t know what it means, just think of Mad Men and/or the 1950s.

Dude, it’s Wes Anderson Wednesday

My favourite director of all time is Mr. Wes Anderson. I pretty much adore every film he does for a whole bunch of reasons. I plan to dedicate every Wednesday post with a good mention as to why I love his movies, why you should watch his movies, or just a random fanspaz of something so Wes Anderson.

I will make lines such as “I saved Latin, what did you ever do?” and “You made a cuckhold out of me.” mean something to you guys, this is my goal.

Terribly Lazy Whatever Thursday

Free for all whatever random blah blah post. That or no post at all.

Top Five Friday

A random top five list of a random topic. Like my top five favourite shades of green or something less stupid.

Here, Listen to My Lame Music because it’s Saturday

Like the title says, when it’s Saturday I want you to listen to my lame music. I have this thing about my taste in music being quite awesome, but ego’s not too cool sometimes so I’ll be calling my music lame. Savvy?

Spoken Word Sunday

Posting some spoken word poetry from a spoken word poet because it’s good for your soul.


Hey ho, let’s go and hope I actually commit to this on some level.


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