GPOY: The Herp-Derp-a-Lawl Version

For all of you who happen to be living under a rock/don’t have a tumblr account/are not up to date with internet vocabulary GPOY stands for gratuitous picture of yourself. As of recently due to a damn good photo shoot I have been on a narcissistic kick which is both good and bad. It’s good in the sense that I have no physical insecurity problems for the next I-don’t-know-when. It’s bad in the sense that narcissism is not good like an inflated ego is not good like drinking a warm can of beer is not good. ANYWAY, to get off the kick here’s a random post of me looking like a derp because I just realized I laugh like a retard.


If I giggled for five seconds longer I would have peed myself.

I really wish I remembered what was going on here that made me lawl. Lookie, I have semi-horse teeth! :B

Taken by my friend, Jonnah. She perfectly captured me in my true form, that of a derp-a-derp. I swear that my soul probably looks like this 98% of the time.

This was during an applicant interview. Goes to show I can be an insensitive bitchmeister. Waha!

By the by, that last picture totally looks like this…

In summation, I have a very herp-a-derp-lawl face which helps me keep in check. I also would like to say that there is no way my face should ever be for a meme because my face resembles a good handful of them anyway. It’d be redundant as calling Christian a faggot. If you didn’t get that inside joke then consider that my face being used as a meme would be as redundant as as describing soup as soupy.

PS: Hey Llama Lords, I wanna see some GPOYs now!


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