Re-booting Mushroom Cloud Soup in 5…4…3…



Now that EUROCIR is finished I don’t necessarily have to keep this blog running. However, due to the fact that a bunch of my wonderful awesome batshit crazy friends have blogs (and that these blogs have cool stuff for me to answer and/or do) I have decided to re-boot this blog. I’m going to assume that from here on out I’ll just be posting when I’m bored, when someone posts something trippy and I wish to respond to it, or when something epic happens and I wish to record it by blogging. Yeah, that sounds just about right. So let me kick-start this re-boot by answer a Top 5 Tag swiped from the blog of L’Angelique (she’s awesome, therefore she blogs awesome).

Usual rules of Top 5 Tag:

1. List down your top 5 of whatever it is the Top 5 Tag says you should list down

2. Don’t exceed the damn list

2. Tag someone afterwards to do this shit

3. Be awesome


So without further ado I shall now list down my TOP FIVE/CINQ PEOPLE I WANNA GET WITH (in the physically to the point of sexually way) SOMEHOW.

Oh and by the by, goddamn it Angie for making this so hard to do because I can’t make a separate list for male, female, fictional, etc. This has to be the ultimate top five people I wanna get it on with list. So yeah, this was a tough one but I managed to pull out something. So here goes.



She does burlesque and pin-up photo shoots and by gosh she will always be the first woman I would think about if ever I wanted to get a sex change.

NUMBER 4: SAM WINCHESTER (from Supernatural)

If I'm not mistaken this is Sam from Season 1 (because his hair's still cute and boyish). I know you can't tell by the picture but Jensen Ackles who plays Sam is HUGE he is a fucking MOOSE and my god he's adorably hot. Anyway, Sam Winchester because the boy has been to hell, has fucked with the devil, and it amazingly smart with a 6-pack and fighting skills. He sounds so Mary Sue but he isn't, hence why he's on this effin' list. *damn straight nod*


He's the American Psycho and he's Batman. Did I also mention he's actually British and he's got anger management issues which means doing him would be so UUUUMMMMPPPHHHFFFF? Actually it might be painful but anyway he's scruffy and good-looking so yey.


Mr. Brody made me look-up what the word "svelte" means and ever since then that word is part of my vocabulary. It's his nose, I have a thing for Jewish-looking/broken noses. Actually it's also his hair, and those clothes, and pretty much sdgslafvdvcdvcduvcdkfvckgdjvlfdjgvlrfffgjfj...I want you.

NUMBER 1: DAVID BOWIE (specifically him up until Thin White Duke)

David Bowie is obviously male but at some points I'd like to believe him as a handsome dyke. He is out of this world, out of this time space, he is goddamn Ziggy Stardust and the definition of Brit Glam Rock. I adore this bastard and I will shed glittery tears of depression and peace on the day he dies. David Bowie this is why you are the top of my list.



Annnnnnnd that about ends my Top 5 list. Stay tuned for most posts.

PS. It is officially 12:05 am now, which means I love Blanche again. [/inside joke]


4 thoughts on “Re-booting Mushroom Cloud Soup in 5…4…3…

  1. Hey Ysa, if you like Christian Bale, what did you think of Equilibrium in which he made famous this martial arts thing called ‘gun kata’? XD

    I approve of everyone in this list, seriously. Dita von Teese is SEX. And David Bowie OMFGM98nuonsnpnveribwhhhsadjkvjnkvdshanka

    • I laughed so hard in Equilibrium because the movie takes itself too seriously when gun kata is the national martial art of doom. xD
      But I liked the movie nonetheless, he’s silly with a puppy 😀

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