Mission Time: The Globalization Sensation [part 3]

I am sleepy.

I went to to the doctor this morning because I am slightly sick again, this time with a cough, a cold, and my voice turning to that of a man’s (which isn’t so bad considering I look like a boy from certain angles). This is bad considering that I was sick just two weeks ago. Apparently stress and staying up late isn’t something my body will tolerate anymore (no shit, Sherlock) but regardless this is terrible considering that I have INTLLAW tomorrow and I have yet to finish reading the 1975 advisory opinion of the ICJ relating to the Western Sahara. It’s 12:03 am for this minute and I have class later at 9:40 am but I’ll be up by 7 am because I’m coming from the South.

Times like these, I wish that I just lived near Taft.

I’m kind of sleepy right now and I’m not entirely sure what to do with this last objective of my last mission. It says choose the ending of my mission and I wish I had the time to make a video or draw a picture but I probably look like shit (and looks are important apparently, so that won’t fly) and I’m too out of it and annoyed by States (honestly, why can’t the international community just accept countries belonging to the original natives and not the first colonizers? D: ) to really draw something. I don’t know how to really end this other than typing something up, so I shall just type a few sentences and hope I make a decent paragraph.

What I liked about doing all these blog posts were that they challenged me. After the first mission (dreadful entries, really dreadful ones) I started taking things more seriously because I knew when I did the first mission I was just half-assing those posts and writing for the sake of writing and believing it’ll get me a decent grade. It sort of did, but being ever-the-somewhat-perfectionist (again, what’s with your terms, Ysa?!) I knew a 3.0 isn’t something I’d sit with. So I worked more, typed better, and this time made sure I wasn’t typing up random bullshit without coherence. I made sure I was typing up random thought-provoking or reflective bullshit with coherence the next times around. To cut the crap, these blog posts made me take my writing seriously again (and about time too, considering thesis going on).

Globalization. I still don’t see it as terrible considering all the benefits I’m getting but I know that its happening isn’t something I should be overly joyful about. I realize now how all the lessons of EUROCIR so far have now gone back to square one. We started off talking about the disparities between the Global North and the Global South, then moving to Armed Aggression which more often than not now takes place in the Global South. Following that, we discussed about how Armed Aggression is often the result of states not knowing how to resolve conflict and we asked ourselves who else could act in the global arena aside from them, these so called protectors of “security”, and we moved on to talk about NGOs. After NGOs, we discussed Human Rights, and then Globalization, more specifically, it’s negative side and when you look back to it all one of the negative effects of it is the disparity between the Global South and the Global North. What the what? Cycle! I see what you did there, Ms. Misalucha, very clever of you. *nod nod*

Oh god, I’m so sabaw right now and I bet this post is terrible knowing my condition now. *shakes fist*

Anyway, I’ll end with a few short, specific, and frank thoughts I have on globalization.

As much as I hate the negative effects of it, I find that I’m too used and so are a lot of other people with the comforts and innovations globalization has given to wish for a simpler time without such. I can’t imagine getting my INTLLAW readings solely from the library, carrying around a bulky CD player and several CDs for music, or not being able to watch old, classy, and other hard-to-find films because I won’t be able to download them. Globalization has made living easier, and though it creates losers in this field, I believe that there’s a way to overcome it. I guess I agree with Carlos, we need to learn how to master this new system and make it more beneficial for others, or we need to understand the problems better and figure out how to deal with them more. Above all though, I need to keep telling myself that there is a solution to these problems and that these problems are not everlasting. As in, c’mon, the world’s pretty depressing but I got to have hope and so do a lot of people that the world won’t always be this problematic.

Ho hum.

Here’s a picture of Fred, my sister’s rabbit, helping me understand INTLLAW whilst I finish these blog posts.

"Fred do INTLLAW readings, yes?"


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