Mission Time: Where art thine rights to be human?

I’m actually not in a writing mood for this week’s mission (not in the mood or just lazy?) so instead I’ll be fulfilling objectives one and three for mission four on human rights by posting some artwork that expresses my sentiments towards the questions posed by each objective.

a struggle for the apple

I don’t normally like explaining my drawings/artworks simply because I like challenging people to think of what the underlying concept or story behind the visual work may be. However, considering that this post will be graded, I’ll just delve a little bit into each work, starting with this number.

A number of my current drawings/doodles features the following recurring themes: pyramids, all-seeing-eye(s), apples, and halos. I won’t really go into the why of this in general, however when it comes to my opinion as to why people wage revolutions against the state I would just say it’s because the state failed terribly to meet society’s needs (welfare, security, prosperity, etc.) and that lead to people becoming discontent with the system and desire a change of system/authority.

In this first picture I depicted the “state” or the “leader of the state” as Mr. Pyramid-All-Seeing in a suit, who is holding the apple which I find symbolizes prosperity, wealth, security, or in short, what a society strives to have a good amount of. This is linked to the crown on Mr. Pyramid-All-Seeing’s head, because all of these things are better achieved when you are recognized as someone of great superior authority, thus you have the power and responsibility to give over the wealth of the apple. However, said apple is out of reach of the people for some reason and thus the people wish to retrieve/reclaim this apple even if it means going through the state power/authority (revolution). I think this is enough direction for the work and the rest could be self-interpreted (like the small background at the off-side).

genesis of guy democracy

The previous use of a pyramid by no means had nothing to do with the fact that objective 3 deals with the Egyptian Revolution of 2011; it’s just coincidental. Like every other peace-loving, liberal, or all around pro not-sucky-government individual, I was glad when Mubarak stepped down. On the other hand, Mubarak’s idea of letting the military be in-charge of Egypt for the meantime while people sort out what to do next is something I was quite on edge about. After several years of schooling on history, and two years of studying international relations I have the following mindset:

Military Authority + High Governing Position = BAD = Possible civil war

So far, I have yet to hear of the likes happening in Egypt (thank God) though that still doesn’t change the fact that nothing has yet to happen with the country in terms of figuring out who’s going to govern the country.

The above picture, ‘genesis of guy democracy’ is what I believe to be the near-future resolution of the problem. The picture is pretty much a surreal-symbolic take that Egypt will eventually just hold democratic elections and elect someone to become the president (or premier) of the country, and hopefully this time the elections will be fair and the elected leader will be someone the masses truly wanted and voted for.

individual input

This last picture is my alternative idea as to what I think Egypt should do, or rather what I would prefer Egypt and pretty much every country that has a history of unreliable and corrupt supposedly-democratic state leaders *coughPhilippinescough*.

Again, I swear that the use of pyramids isn’t because it’s an Egypt-thing. I just find pyramids to be highly fascinating and a good symbol for power, and when you use that to represent the state, the government, and individuals it makes for a good representation of my belief in the influence and power of each. ‘individual input’ is my semi-functionalist idea for a government. As the title suggests, what I believe the people of Egypt should do is each create several leaders for the country. One or several leaders to deal with specific economic problems, another leader to deal with security problems, another leader to deal with immigration and foreign relations, and so on. All of these leaders would make up this new “government” and perhaps could answer to one supreme leader who’d act like president of the entire thing and represent the state in the international arena, though the need for a supreme leader would not be necessary less the masses desire it.

I understand that the last idea if a bit of a stretch and that I’m banking too much on the ideal that people will be pragmatic and logical about things, but that’s why it’s something I leave to my imagination to let flourish and whatnot. Anyway, the main lesson I got from doing these drawings were that people need their human rights to be secure. This is why we have laws, we have governments, this is why there have been riots, revolts, and protests, because whenever our rights as people of this Earth and world are in jeopardy we ought to react because these rights are vital to our being in this system. I don’t believe the state alone can secure these human rights of ours, as the first picture depicts that sometimes the state is the one who violates these rights. What’s needed is a system that everyone functions in and is content with, or at least most people are content with and stabilizes a country, whether that system is one that is democratic or not, so as long as human rights are respected and upheld, it’s all good.

On a final and random note, I now wish to turn these pieces (or at least that last piece) into a painting now…maybe when I’m not busy with INTLLAW or thesis…just maybe.


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