Mission Time: Go go EN-GEE-OH-whoas! [part 2]

Fulfilling Objective 2 should not have been that difficult, all I had to do was the following:

  1. Make an alliance with a bunch of familiars
  2. Lobby for a common/shared cause
  3. Blog about this experience

However due to being sick with tonsillitis for most of last week I was pushed back to seeing my friends only today, which is a Monday. Now, you may think that because of this mission due tomorrow that I would skimp out on the second mission objective again. Well, I was actually considering that but after conversing with fellow EUROCIR blogger class mate and always-waking-up-late wunderkind, Mr. Carlos Valdes, I figured, what the hell, let’s just go online on yahoo messenger with a friend or two and let’s form an alliance for something!

And that is exactly what we did and the following conversation occurred this evening on the 3rd of October, 2011.

Me: So, you guys wanna lobby for the support of small-chested women?

Carlos: Sounds awesome. Let’s do this.

Angie: Is that it?

Me: Yeeeeeah, pretty much. Actually we just need you guys to agree to join an alliance with me and Carlos.

Richard. …ok.

Angie: So it’s about girls who aren’t so well-endowed?

Carlos: Small-breasted women are more well-endowed than they’ll ever know! *does epic hand gestures which you can’t tell that he’s doing them in chat, but chances are he’s doing them anyway*

Me: Riiiight. Consider it a way to be against plastic-surgery, i.e. the boob job.

Carlos: And pro-feminism!

Me: That too.

Thus this was how the Alliance of Small Boobs Are Love was born! We lobbied for the meantime by making our YM and Facebook status’ about our cause, we’ll probably do more by randomly striking up conversations with passersby at SJ Walk, because we’re cool and weird like that. Simply shout-asking, “DO YOU PREFER SMALL TITS OR BIG TITS?” sounds like a good conversation starter and will probably get the cause some attention, too. Until then, subtle yet out there status messages on social networking tools will just have to suffice for our current lobbying strategy.

Spreading my love for tiny tits on Facebook for my peers to poke me about

Oh, and just so it’s out there, the Alliance has nothing against girls with huge knockers (as as long as they’re real). We’re for the naturalness of the human form, the female form to be more precise since that’s the form that’s usually abused, and appearing to just promote small breasts just seems like the best opener to the cause.


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