Mission Time: Go go EN-GEE-OH-whoas! [part 1]

I strongly believe in the following causes:

  1. Everyone who’s ever wanted to pursue the arts should be able to do so without the restrictions of monetary and/or familiar support.
  2. Hollywoodshould cut the crap with unwanted remakes, sequels, threequels, action movies, star-studded romcoms, and the likes and should go back to making films that have great cinematography, scores, a decent script/plot, and above all make the audience think.
  3. David Bowie must never ever die, in fact, he must learn how to grow young at will.
  4. Every child is entitled to primary and secondary education.
  5. Trees and Mother Nature should outlive human beings

Apparently the second and the third cause seems highly impossible to have a (well-known/legally registered) non-governmental organization lobbying for them, which I find a shame considering how much I think the world would benefit with these causes being lobbied for. When you think about it, for one thing, better movies translate into better themes we shall pass onto the next generation. As in, do we really want to be the generation known primarily for our romantic comedy, star-studded yet plot-lacking blockbuster, or CGI/effects/stunts/explosions-fiesta kind of movies? Think of the children right now who know these films being big things growing up and allowing it to mold and warp and shape their minds! They’ll be these hyper idealistic little shits or trigger happy violence is cool if the fire’s big enough war freaks or anything is possible if you just follow your heart and break the rules all the goddamn time advocates! Okay, yes, I’ll admit that there are SOME movies that are exceptions to these disdains (Nolan’s take on Batman, anyone?), but sometimes I just can’t help but feel that the art that is cinema just keeps deteriorating year after year only to have me look forward to movies that are either 1. directed by someone I already find unquestionably good or 2. an adaptation of a book/comic superhero/childhood cartoon (I am so excited for Tin Tin!). I can’t be the only one who gets their real cinema buzz from independent films (Cinemalaya, Sundance,Cannes, etc.), foreign films, the old classics, and films with cult-followings, right? I’m probably not but that still doesn’t change the fact that there is a lack of a legit and influential NGO for such a cause.

Likewise with the one aboutBowie, but that’s forgivable until science invents magic, or someone discovers an elixir of life, or the fountain of youth…or the DNA of Benjamin Button to be used for a reverse-aging potion.

I am probably straying from the point of this mission, but the bottom line is that these two causes, though I strongly believe in and so do a handful of people (most probably on the cinema one, maybe not as much on the Bowie one) are not as relevant or wholly important to the world as other causes.

The first cause may seem more relevant, and slightly more important because I am aware of the amount of frustrated artists there are in the world and the number of them with disapproving parental figures (preach, brothers and sisters!). However, I still find that this cause is still something primarily beneficial only to the individuals involved in the plight and not necessarily the whole of the global community (i.e. EVERYONE).* Furthermore, that cause was just stated because it seems that I cannot go through a single EUROCIR mission post without mentioning my plight as the frustrated “kid who couldn’t go to art school and now hates her course” at least once.

That now leaves me with the last two causes which when you look at them are both unselfish, non-trivial, and actually are things worth fighting for as they benefit the whole of mankind and not just a minority group.

Education for all and saving Mother Nature, were I to run for office (Lord forbid the day that I do) I’d want my platform to revolve around these two causes because they actually mean a lot to me. With the latter, my advocacy for a green planet isn’t something that’s new but actually something I’ve instilled in myself since I was probably a kid upon learning that my grandmother was a hippie. Knowing that, I felt that I had an obligation to continue her pro-activity in saving the environment which seemed to get bleaker and bleaker with each passing year. Illegal logging, whale killings, and killings of any animals actually, the burning of the rainforests, all of these things upset me and so badly did I wish I have a backyard so I could make my own compost heap and plant a tree or two. Sadly, I didn’t have any of these things nor did I think my parents and legal guardians take me seriously on these endeavours to help “save the planet”. Flash forward to now, I still have yet to plant a tree or make a compost but I segregate my trash, and I try a lot not to litter, and I clean up after myself because I still strongly believe that if more people just learned to do those three small things then the country would be saving a lot of money on environmental bills and Metro Manila might look a whole lot less grey. The logic my brain follows is simple: don’t be a slob = world is just .5% cleaner = people get to live .5% longer on this planet. Now imagine a billion people thinking the same way, then apply the math, I don’t know the numerical answer but I know that the end result would be a clean, green, earth people can live in for centuries more.

My strong belief that everyone should be entitled to at least a primary and secondary education comes from more recent developments and influences, despite knowing since grade school that education is good for you and everyone deserves one. The roots to the support of such a cause can be traced to listening to frustrated conversations between good friends of mine who liked to talk philosophy in their spare time, if not that then about music, if not that, videogames, and if none of the above then that meant they weren’t talking. Philosophical discussion paved way to discussions about education with one of my charming friends saying that the educational system of thePhilippinesjust didn’t work. My usual thought to this, and up to now to him is as follows, “You just haven’t been taught under the right teachers.” and I stick by what I said. When I think about it, the educational system of the Philippines isn’t dysfunctional, it’s just that more often than not we are taught by people who seem to just be teaching for the sake of getting a paycheck, or sometimes we’re just taught things that have been taught before and because of its tradition it’s considered as something completely factual and unquestionable. That isn’t real teaching, that isn’t getting a real education when I think about it, but I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t experienced any of that. On the contrary, I’ve gone through a lot of my life experiencing this kind of teaching and there are only a handful of teachers I can say who really deserve the title as “educator”.

Cutting aside my slight annoyance with the educational system, the point is that education is important because it shapes the way people think. It shows how people should perceive the world around them, most important the society they serve in, or rather, should they really serve in or should they find a way out and do something else? Education shapes the way someone asks a question and wants an answer and it is with such want for knowledge that drives a society out from under. Innovation is a sensation, or something witty like that, that would totally be part of my imaginary campaign.

Now I got myself two causes that I strongly jive with, that I actually want more to be done about regarding such, now’s all I got’s me to do is either 1. take over the government and start making changes in line with these goals or 2. see if there’s a legit non-governmental organization that already has made changes fighting for these causes. Annnnd because I’m lazy and I just came from a sick-slump, the latter sounds more appealing and less tiring.

[Annnnnd this is the part wherein Ysa goes off to google for an NGO that’s related to education for all and/or saving Mother Nature]

Half an hour later after several newly opened tabs, quick browsing, a few trips to the kitchen to find food and drinks, and a few pauses to look if any of the webcomics I follow have updated yet, I finally came across this wonderful organization.

Look at how legit this banner looks

I only had one doubt in this organization simply because it was called “Greater Good” and something like that always has those awful Hitler/Voldemort/Crazy Villages from the movie Hot Fuzz vibes along with it, but when I checked the site out it seemed extremely un-cult-ish and not at all evil (less it all be some front, which I do hope it isn’t).

To quote from the site’s mission, “GreaterGood.org is devoted to addressing the health and well-being of people (particularly women and children), animals, and the planet”, and as I read on I came to find that the organization particularly aspired for meet such goals by working to provide educational materials to the general public by fund raising. Following the outline of their mission and how to achieve it was a list of their board of directors and as I continued to browse the site I was happy to find that the Greater Good really has done a lot of great good.


Imagine how much they raised in the previous years!

Whoa. Now that’s a boatload of cash and to imagine all of that (or at least most of it) is going to go to educational needs of women and children across the globe just warms my heart. I’m not trying to be sappy or anything, actually I’d rather not be, but it just always amazes me how all it takes is just a bunch of people with a common goal and a strong drive to make change for things to actually happen. Hope to humanity, I guess that’s what’s really tugging at my heartstrings right now…I think.

The end of this entire blog entry is that now I suddenly feel less aggravated for all the previous annoyances I felt in the last mission and that people don’t suck. Whenever I come out of doing something learning that people do not always suck then I know I’m learning something, because I can never get enough of that lesson (but probably because it’s just so easy to think otherwise). Nonetheless, I have hope for the Greater Good and it’s efforts as well as that for NGOs similar to it, or better yet, I have hopes that NGOs are building a better future for the world in areas governments fail to miss.

I officially end this blog post with a song by Bowie which I find fitting. Oh Bowie, how I hope one day science restores your majesty.


**Don’t get me wrong, I understand more than the average person the importance of art to the world. It’s just that it is my personal belief that the artist is primarily a selfish being who creates for him/herself first before thinking of others.


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