Smells Like Literature & Wendy’s

It was that time of the year again, the time where I and my merry band of friends venture forth to SMX and overwhelm ourselves by the amount of books on/for sale. I was quite disappointed by the lack of cheap art books this time around, as well as the fact that there were only two or three stalls worth buying books from (and one of them was the National Bookstore area for chrissakes!), but nonetheless I was able to blow a week-and-a-half’s worth of saved allowance money to buy myself (and my mum and my sister) some books.

Manila International Book Fair Haul (2011)

  • Just Kids by Patti Smith
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon

Random trivia: I did my 6th Grade book report on this!

  • Meowmorphosis by Franz Kafka & Coleridge Cook

Self-explanatory purchase, really.

  • Lola Coqueta (a poetry collection) by Isabela Banzon
  • Decimal Places (a poetry collection) by Ricardo M. De Ungria
  • WeLostIt and Other Stories by Ma. Romina M. Gonzalez
  • Hondo & Fabian, written and illustrated by Peter McCarty*
  • Snow, written and illustrated by Uri Shulevitz*
*These are children’s storybooks that I bought for my mother to expand our library collection of storybooks.
After the book fair Carlos, Angie, and I went looking for food which (after several long minutes spent walking around, getting turned off by expensive prices in comparison to our comfort Taft budgets, and me trying to get my radar working right) eventually lead us to Wendy’s.
BY THE WAY, I would just like to say, that out of all the fast-food chains in the known planet, Wendy’s will always be put on a pedestal for me as it is just too awesome and wonderful for me not to.
Going back to things that have happened, later-lunch was comprised of a baconator plus, one order of regular fries, a baked potato with cheese and chili, one regular sprite (which looked large), and three cups of service water. Believe me when you read it: all of that split between three people is filling and worth it for fast-food which does not taste like fast-food but tastes like real food.
Another thing I find worth mentioning in this post was the scene when I went off to buy all of us some Frosties and when I came back Angie goes, “Oh hello Ysa, no, me and Carlos were not eyeing that unfinished coke from the table behind us.” And I look at the table and see the unfinished coke and swipe it over to our table and decide we shall all make coke floats and begin to pour some coke over my Frosty. What I learned from that experience was the simple fact that when your friends don’t get grossed out by using unfinished coke from the table behind you to create makeshift coke floats and they actually would do the same thing anyway you pretty much know how fortunate you are to have them as friends.
Afterwards we were joined by Carlos’ brother Raph and his friend, Joelle, and we eventually ventured into Fully Booked (running through the rain, might I add) which we noticed from earlier on before we grabbed late-lunch that they were on Sale (as if I didn’t spend a lot of money on books already!).  I swear, it was at that moment that I realized I couldn’t begin to imagine how my life would be were I not interested in books and reading. I honestly don’t understand how some people don’t really enjoy reading for leisure. Standing in that Fully Booked surrounded by books that were for less than they usually are just gave me a good tingle and I ended up buying two more books than I should have.
To add to the list of books from previously except that this time I purchased them from the Fully Booked at Mall of Asia:
  • A Visit From the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan
  • The Ask and the Answer by Patrick Ness
I also stumbled upon a hardbound copy of the autobiographical graphic novel by Craig Thompson. This is the nth time I’ve seen this on sale but the first time I’ve seen the hardbound copy and I swear it hurts me every single time I see it because it’s usually during the time when I have absolutely no more money to spend on it. Le sigh. C’est la vie. Forever yearning for it, I suppose.

Ugh. My heart-strings desire thee!

I really didn’t think about the Global South-Global North problem/situation/crisis/gap when I went shopping for books nor did I feel guilty splurging so much moolah. I wonder sometimes if ignorance, indifference, and inaction to a problem like such is really such a bad thing. I mean, we’ve been thought to help out people who are in need only to later on be thought to leave them be so that they can start learning how to help themselves, and then later on we get hazed in school that we should act more and whatnot. Does doing any of these things, action or inaction, really spark some change? I don’t see how it does, at least thinking of change in the lasting sense and not something temporal or for a limited time only while the feeling lasts for of deal.
Thinking back to class, thinking back to what I did for objective 2, and thinking back to how I couldn’t think of the answer to the question posed as something that wasn’t found in the two given options, makes me question how I should feel being the happy consumer that capitalist system adores. As in, I’m happy with my current situation more or less, yet I’m bothered by the gap between the haves and the have-nots, but that doesn’t mean I want to do some radical to alleviate the problem, at least not right now. Ho hum. Maybe it’s just my priorities right now that aren’t in-tune to making the world a better place for the whole of man, even in a small scale idea of things, and that’s why I’m not really affected by certain things and don’t mind being indifferent and inactive to the whole situation. I’m just too busy with myself and trying to get that stable…whatever that really means.
I will probably look back to this blog and laugh my socks off to know that I used to think this way.
Meh, fuck a duck, I have a lot of nice new books and though I don’t have too much free time I feel like cracking one of them open.

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