lines over lines over lines over more lines are stripes which can be zebras

Pottermore is currently undergoing maintenance therefore I can’t busy myself with that so instead I’ll just make a blog post because I do believe that there is more to this blog than just completing missions for EUROCIR and getting a grade (though getting a grade for blogging is still very choice).

I didn’t expect to feel so bothered about not being able to think critically during EUROCIR class this morning, but I am. It’s been bothering me on and off for the entire day and I really did not think I would feel so strongly annoyed by it all but I quite am. I don’t believe I’m bothered by the fact that the answer was just so simple, rather I feel bothered by the fact that I wasn’t able to realize it sooner. Jesus. What am I doing taking up International Relations then knowing how little interest I have in pursuing something along its lines career-wise?


Should there really be a line?

I, for one, understand the need to differentiate the Global North from the Global South because the two are indeed different sides of the same coin. Labels make things easier to talk about. Giving something a label or a name allows you to have some control over it, at least verbally when you construct your sentence and formulate ideas and pass them on to other people. The Global North and Global South are very different, but it isn’t their difference in national income that I really am concerned. Actually, what should be highlighted more are the cultural and social differences between the two. It’s one of the reasons why I dislike the idea of the only way to “save” the GS is by becoming like the GN. It has underlying tones that the Global South has to change its image, its identity, in order to live prosperously in the international community. That path is one lined with bullshit. After all, who is to say that the only way to be prosperous and powerful is to become like the countries of the Global North? The thing about seeing things in through global perspective is that there is so authority higher than all the states. Supposedly, all countries are equal with their sovereignty and in the end, it all boils down to the state and its governing body to give the final decision on how to act (or not act).

Currently feeling some guilt for not seeing that the line between acting for the Global South and not acting at all is arbitrary, just like other things in life. It’s kind of funny how I didn’t think of that, considering that I sometimes joke that “everything is arbitrary” with my friends. Le sigh. Ho hum.

Helping the less fortunate: does that really make me just as bad as the Global North sometimes? Am I really just recreating the current situation between the North and the South?

When I was treating those street kids to fishballs all I could really remember was that I was doing that act for my EUROCIR blogpost initially but eventually I just realized on an ordinary day out of my own whim I’d still probably do the same thing when put in the same situation. I like helping people once in a while when the feeling of doing some kind/nice arises in myself. Does that make me someone who thinks they’re better than these kids because I can afford to buy them fishballs and they can’t? If that’s the case then I feel like I should re-evaluate every random act of charity/kindness I do (but then that would take too long and that might just put me down for the week-end).


Maybe I should just go back to painting and trying to make the world a more colorful/visually aesthetic place to live in. Just maybe.

Mental note to self: I should really stop typing in fragments for I shudder to think what Doc Rob would think if he were to read this blogpost. 


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