Mission Time: Global South VS The (First) World [part 3]

UGH. I’m not done with reading the assigned chapters for INTLAW. What is unprepared?!

The year is 2021.

I am 29 years old and probably doing any of the following:

a) working some deadend cubicle job which I am not passionate about just to pay the bills

b) working some deadend cubicle job which I am not passionate about just to pay the bills as I try to make it as a struggling visual artist in the Philippines

c) working as a secondary school teacher of either history or arts as a second job to being an illustrator/visual artist

d) dead from some freak plane crash


Probably around this time the China VS the World/the USA thing has reached a high point. Either we’re experiencing another Cold War or we’re experiencing a Luke-Warm War because China and the USA can afford to be aggressive with one another and perhaps by this time China would have more than enough territory to have random bombings/battles on.

My visual metaphor for the 2nd Cold War/Luke-Warm War between the USA and China

Though the possibility for another World War happening is still unlikely because the population of idealists and liberalists should have doubled over by now. Every week there would a new blockbuster showing in cinema houses too, hence the reason for so much ideal-hippies gallivanting the world. With every generation the more issues are introduced to them via the education system the more they’d want to act and probably also by the year 2021 the amount of non-governmental organizations should have increased. Their success rates would vary but most definitely would it be impossible to ignore any plights that have to do with human rights and/or the environment.

Global Warming would still be considered a myth but Climate Change would be an established truth. People would soon end up protesting for the USA, and Russia to cut down their CO2 emissions. The USA would ultimately give-in to this at least to still appear presentable to the Asian market less they all side with China who doesn’t produce as much ozone killing gases in comparison to Uncle Sam.

For every McDonalds, across it would be an authentic Chinese restaurant. The idea of spies will be interesting as it will be factual and cool by now.

For every 1 good movie released there would be 27 shitty ones also released. Pop culture will forever have that bandwagon effect. The teenage masses will forever be angst-y, rebellious, curious, innovative, and young. The church will fall or at least lose its credibility. The world has yet to be predominantly pagan/agnostic/aetheistic but it could be getting there, at least the Global North is getting there while the South will soon learn that their religion should not hinder them from moving forward.

Space programs will be trying to cultivate proper living spaces on the moon if not mars just in case the greenhouse gas dilemma and climate change gets too horrible.

Philosophy majors are still tackling the same old things with the twist that the same old things are re-phrased to look like new things.

College students are getting wittier.

Unless the generation of the 2010’s fails to produce a good number of educators, the education system will falter a bit at least in the Philippines and by this time there should be a good large handful of people to question it.

Patriotism, Nationalism, and being religious are optional values for citizens.

With China speaking for the Global South (more or less) the gap becomes smaller. The mutual dependence of the Global North and the Global South is made known to everyone and thus interdependence all over the world happens.

Racist jokes will not die out. Tolerance is increased.

Students still cram their assignments.

Facebook will look nothing like it did back in 2010 and will probably have had a controversial issue within the time frame of 2011-2021.

War is unlikely to happen because people really like living too much to want to die.

Finally, vampires will be out of season. Period.


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