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Conundrum/I was looking for a pair of blue jeans today…

It’s Saturday evening and once again I’m forced to decide whether or not I should work on my thesis. The problem is I’ve lost a great deal of inspiration to really get started on it. I would blame the fact that my thesis mentor, who is absolutely wonderful and understanding, gives too loose a schedule for me to work with since I lack discipline. Not to mention, the collective sloth efforts (or lack of, rather) of my batch who is undergoing the second stage of thesis writing is not helping my situation. I know I’ve been mentioning my thesis here and there and how awesome it is, though frankly a lot of my research has just involved flicking through images and images of protest artworks and saving them. As far as reading is concerned the most I have done is re-read Gramsci’s theory just to quadruple check that his theory is applicable for my thesis.

Right now I’m actually reading up on Jean-Jacques Rousseau since I’ve been asked to make a poster (and get extra credit for French class, or so I hope) in commemoration of his 300th birthday. I bought myself some really lovely and thick watercolor paper just for the task. Php 215 down the drain, but I believe it was well-spent. I swear, if you ever consider painting to be more than just a hobby, don’t skimp out and buy cheap shit. Spending on good-quality materials is always the way to go. Oh, and speaking of putting money down the drain I went out to East Wood today and came back with these lovelies:

Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return by Marjane Satrapi

I've been trying to find this for a couple of months and seeing this sit idly on the shelf made me go "wheeee" in my brain.

I’ve been dying to watch the animated film version of the graphic novels but I have held it off because I wanted to read the story first. I bought the first back sometime late last year. I only had enough moolah to get one of the books so I wasn’t able to buy the second volume at the time (and there was no way in hell that I wanted to get the compiled reprint which has the movie poster for a cover).

Chicken With Plums (also) by Marjane Satrapi

This was an impulse buy.

I had a feeling at the back of my head that I would regret not getting another one of Marjane Satrapi’s works now and end up searching for this months later (just like I did with Persepolis 2). The cover is beautifully minimalist as without the jacket it is merely the figure slightly off-center behind the plum background. Having a plum-colored graphic novel is quite cool, you guys.

Wormwood Gentleman Corpse Vol. 2 – It Only Hurts When I Pee by Ben Templesmith

When I saw this I died (pun not intended).

If any of you guys know about Wormwood know that I love you a septillion times over and your atoms mean the world to me because I love, love, LOOOOVE Wormwood. ❤ I have been looking for the second and third volumes of Ben Templesmith’s zombie-fantasy-thisisawesomeholycrap comic for ages. And when I mean ages I mean years. I swear, I think I bought the first volume way back early during my first year in college if not before then (which means before I knew a lot of cool people I know now). Anyway, when I saw this I died because I gave up on finding this beauty after a year and a half. Seeing this book after a year and a half of asking bookstore clerks (who either don’t know what the hell I’m talking about or take me to a section that has Templesmith’s 30 Days of Night comic) was as pleasant as getting a 4.0 in a class I constantly cut.

War Child Heroes’ The Ultimate Covers Album

The picture is upside down because I'm too lazy to make it right-side up.

Beck’s doing Dylan

The Kooks are doing The Kinks

Yeah Yeah Yeahs are doing The Ramones

Franz Ferdinand doing Blondie

There was absolutely no way I could not buy this album. Also the CD’s part of this charity project of this organization called War Child. The charity’s going out to protect marginalized children in war conflicted parts of the globe. Good music for a good cause, very awesome deal.

With regards to the title of this post, the story is I was dead set on buying myself a decent-fitting pair of blue jeans. I have clearly failed and opted to buy other wonderful things. I’ll probably try again tomorrow. Hurr.

So, once again on this Saturday evening I am faced with this image before me:

Oh hello review of related literature books!

And yes, I am wondering if I should really do thesis now that I have a pile of graphic novels next to me, good tunes, gingerbeer, and this creative itch in me concerning that Rousseau poster.

…yeah, probably end up with the same image tomorrow evening. Probably.

Bundaberg evening to you all.

being a terrible friendly webcam face whore

Here are some pictures I took with my laptop’s webcam. They are mainly random pictures of me, friends, or me with a friend. Hurr durr murr.


So Fred decided to use my webcam…

This is what happened.



I did not know about this shit. I swear.

Awesome Henna Tattoo Is Awesome

It’s so fuckin’ awesome, you guys. Like srsly. Ask Angie, she was impressed. *does finger wiggles*

Too bad I don’t own a camera/iProduct with camera. I can’t take a picture of it.

According to people it’s so fuckin’ hipster because it has 10 triangles in it. Potatoes gonna potate.



UPDATE/EDIT: I finally took pictures of my stupid henna. Currently the tattoo is fading away but here’s what it looked like when it was still gorgeousness and gorgeosity made flesh!

Being all sneaky in French Class when I took this picture with my phone. Hoo ha!


I present to you one of my bestest best friends and the most drama-tastic Llama Lord out there.




Dear Carlos, I love you so much bro and friendship is cancer so I’m spreading the organic cancer to the world. ❤

Whilst working on my thesis

I’ve been very sluggish about my thesis as of late. I’m currently spending my break time in the Malate office doing work/overhearing interesting conversations.

For those who don’t know, my thesis topic is pretty sweet. It focuses on the relationship of protest art and counter-hegemonic culture. Counter-hegemonic culture in simple terms is culture that is against the current societal norms. For an example let’s say that predominant society knows and understands that swans are evil and vile creatures although they really are. The counter-hegemonic culture to that would be something that says that swans are beautiful creatures which symbolize purity and shit like that which is bullshit because swans are really, really evil.

Anyway, so as of late I’ve been looking up images online for protest art ranging from Bolshevik campaign posters to anti-war street art. I’m currently at this process of just saving pictures and hoping to get a huge bulk-load of protest artworks. Afterwards it’s just a matter of analysis using Antonio Gramsci’s Theory of Culture Hegemony. If you have no idea what the what that shit is I suggest you check out my babble on the other mushroomcloudsoup blog.

Right-o. So I stumbled upon this video again:

I totally can’t use this awesome sauce for my thesis but I just wanted to share despite my feeling that a lot of people probably have seen this before. Blu is awesome. Awesome awesome awesome.

In other news I had flan yesterday. It was pretty sweet. I have no idea if that pun was intended or not. Oh well.